Heartbroken father prepares sick daughter for death by taking her to play in her own grave

A heartbroken father who can no longer afford to pay for his sick daughter’s medical treatment is now preparing her for death by taking her to play in a grave dug for her.
Zhang Xin Lei, two, was only two-months-old when she was diagnosed with a blood condition called Thalassaemia.

It is an inherited condition which affects oxygen in the blood. Sadly, the condition requires that the patient will be subjected to lifelong treatment including medication and blood transfusions. If the sufferer is not monitored closely and given regular treatment, it can lead to serious organ damage and can be life-threatening.

Since Xin Lei was diagnosed, her family has spent so much on her treatment and now have nothing left to continue funding the expensive care needed for her condition. Zhang Liyong, the girl’s father, has spent over £11,000 for the little girl’s care. They even went as far as borrowing money from friends, to the extent that they ran out of people to borrow from. Now that he has no more means to continue funding the child’s treatment, the devastated dad decided the only option was to prepare his daughter for her death.

To do that, the father, who lives in China, takes his daughter to her future grave and lies in it with her, while her pregnant mum sits nearby.

He said:

“I could only come up with this idea of bringing her to play at this place. This is where she will rest in peace. All I can do is accompanying her every day.”

The girl’s mother, Deng Min, revealed in an emotional interview that they have no other choice and have chosen the only option left.

The tearful mother said:

“We have been driven into a corner. There is no other option.”

Below is the video of the interview granted by the parents.

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