If we don’t do anything now, Nigeria may collapse soon – Peter Obi says

Former Anambra state governor, Peter Obi, has expressed fears that Nigeria may soon collapse if the Federal government does not take stringent measure to tackle corruption in the economy.

Obi expressed his fears when he spoke at the Federal University, Ndufu Alike Ikwo (FUNAI) during the grand-finale and presentation of awards to winners of a creative writing competition yesterday June 6th.

“Our leaders are doing things wrong, we should not follow them to celebrate what is wrong. What we have in Nigeria is that we are celebrating what is wrong. And I am of the opinion that we should stop celebrating what is wrong and start doing things right so that this country can grow. People are hungry and we should join hands together to question our leaders to tell us what is happening in this country and making sure that the right thing are done. All of us, from 1960 when we gained independence, if we had done the right thing from then, it is not the question of PDP or APC. We have lived wrongly, we have done the wrong things and that is why the country is not growing. If we don’t do anything now the country will collapse. Nigeria is living on a borrowed money. So, you see things are difficult in Nigeria and we need to change our society so that things will get better,” he said

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