NYSC Ekiti state reacts to corp member’s allegation of brutality perpetrated by Man-O-War commandants

The NYSC Ekiti State chapter has released a rejoinder to an allegation shared online yesterday accusing one of their officials of brutality towards a corp member (read here) and based on what they said, the story circulating online was twisted by the person who shared it to suit her agenda and is false.

First, it was revealed in the rejoinder that the female affected was not the Angela Eluna who shared the story, but a different woman called Confidence Azubuike and it was Confidence who attacked their officer and not the other way round. They claimed that Confidence is an unruly corp member and dressed inappropriately for CDS in pink converse with her khaki jacket tied round her waist and her cap placed wrong. When she was corrected by the NYSC official, she allegedly attacked him, grabbing him by the shirt collar and refused to let go until she discovered he was an official and their Local Government Inspector.
NYSC Ekiti also alleged in the statement that the reddish patch on her arm was caused by the chain strap of her purse biting into her arm as she held onto the NYSC official.
Read the statement below..

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