Buhari Is The Worst President In The World – Singer Skales

Pop singer and songwriter, Skales yesterday blasted President Buhari, calling him the worst president in the world, Vanguard reports.

The “Shake Body” crooner expressed his disappointment with the President Buhari-led APC government on his Twitter page yesterday.

Following the prevailing hardship in the land, Skale said Buhari deceived Nigerians when they voted for him in 2015.

He wrote; #THENEVERSAYNEVERGUY @youngskales “Buhari is the worst president in the world yes I said it ….this human abuse has to stop …u lied to us wen I wanted to be voted in …shame !!! I love my country and I want the best for my country.”

In another tweet, Skales wrote, “Worst government worst leadership, my country is a tragedy and a joke and it’s crazy how we adapt to this nonsense….big up naija people…it’s time we come togeda and stand against this bullshit end sars and bullying from our president he doesn’t care about us.

“Hitting a woman by d animals called sars is unaccetable…if d government truly care bout us they would do somethin bout this @MBuhari does not care about us I’m a young Man speaking out…he is out there living happy with his kids ballin & livin a reckless life bullyin citizens,”the singer tweeted.

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