Basic Facts About Ekwulobia Town

Ekwulobia is an Igbo speaking town in south eastern Nigeria. It is the fourth urban city in Anambra State, after Awka, Onitsha and Nnewi.[1] It is the headquarters of the present Aguata local government and the headquarters of the old Aguata Local Government that comprised the present Aguata local government and Orumba North and South local government. Ekwulobia has Nine villages notably divided into two traditional division; Ezi and Ifite. The names of the villages are Umuchiana, Agba, Umuchi, Ula, Okpo, Eziagulu, Nkono, Abogwume and Ihuokpala. The villages under Ezi are Umuchiana, Umuchi, Okpo, Nkono, Abogwume and Ihuokpala and the villages under Ifite are Agba, Ula and Eziagulu. Its geographic coordinates are 6″ 01′ 28 North, 7″ 04′ 45 East.

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