Australian senator breastfeeds baby while moving a motion in Parliament

An Australian MP addressed Parliament while breastfeeding her baby. It will be the first time ever such will happen in Australia. Larissa Waters, a Greens Party member from Queensland, Australia, stood to address the chamber, with her 14-week-old daughter, Alia Joy, latched onto her breast, while the mother spoke about black lung disease, a condition affecting coal miners.

This will not be the first time the MP is taking her baby with her to Parliament neither will it be the first time she’s breastfed the infant in Parliament. Earlier on in May 2017, she had tweeted a photo of her breastfeeding her daughter in Australia’s Parliament and since then, she regularly takes the child with her to the Australia’s Senate, or Upper House. However, it is the first time Waters has ever breastfed while moving a motion in Parliament with all eyes on her.

The MP’s decision to breastfeed while moving the motion was met with smiles from her colleagues. Soon after, she shared the photo on Twitter and wrote:

“First time I’ve had to move a Senate motion while breastfeeding! And my partner in crime moved her own motion just before mine, bless her.”

There was, however, someone who did not agree with her and the person sent her a message which Larissa shared on her Twitter timeline.

“Not a good look you may think it’s clever but trust me Waters will be remembered in Politics as the dumb Bitch with the big tits with and ego that was 5 feet in front of her brains all the best next time round she is a goner but she is already aware off that hence the exhibition Regards (sic)”

In 2009, Sarah Hanson-Young, a Greens MP, was forced to remove her two-year-old child from the chamber and afterwards, the toddler was heard crying just outside the chamber doors. Then in 2015, Kelly O’Dwyer, a Liberal MP and cabinet minister, was told by the government whip to express more milk to ensure she did not miss votes in Parliament.

However, Parliament changed its rules last year to allow mothers breastfeed in the chambers, Hence, Larissa Waters’ freedom.

Below is the video of Ms Waters breastfeeding while addressing the Chamber.

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