Abia: Army probes alleged rights violation of IPOB members(plusmilang.com)

•Enough is enough, Muslims in Rivers tell agitators

From:Melvi boss, plusmilang.com

-15th September, 2017

Eighty-two Division of the Nigerian Army, yesterday, said it will investigate a video clip of alleged human rights violations of some members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), in Aba, Abia state.
On Thursday, reports from plusmilang.com indicated that soldiers reportedly killed two IPOB members and took the bodies away.
Regardless, Deputy Director, Army/Public Relations of 82 Division, Colonel Sagir Musa said, in a statement, that the army takes its code of conduct and rules of engagement seriously and that any officer or soldier who infringed on any of such directive, if found guilty, will face the full wrath of the military justice system.
Musa noted that “the army is aware that IPOB members are in possession of pre-recorded video clips, which they intended to use to discredit the troops and cause disaffection among citizens.”
He urged the public to scrutinise and report any video or photograph they see to the Nigerian Army or any of the security agencies for necessary action.
Said Musa: “The issue is being investigated with the view to ascertain the source and the actors in the clip.
“We would like to inform the public that 82 Division is also aware of the planned misinformation and propaganda arrangement by IPOB. They intend to churn out prerecorded video clips aimed at discrediting the Nigerian army, causing disaffection among the citizens of this country”.
“They will be using bogus, manipulated and photo-shopped photographs as well as video clips. The public should be wary of such mischief, scrutinise and report same to the Nigerian Army or any of security agencies”.
Meanwhile, Rivers State Council for Islamic Affairs (RSCIA), has warned IPOB to stop unwarranted attacks and killings of Muslims in the State.
RSCIA said it would no longer fold its arms and watch while its members are being molested and killed.
Vice President General of the group, Alhaji Nasir Awhelebe Uhor, said whatever grievances IPOB has against the Nigerian state should not be extended to any religious group.
“ We condemned the unprovoked and unwarranted senseless attacks on innocent Muslims and on their Central mosque in Oyigbo Local Government Area.
“For the avoidance of doubt, we concede to the Igbo, as represented by IPOB, their right to agitate for actualisation of whatever they perceived to be their interest.
“We further concede to them their right to lawful and peaceful gathering to legitimate protest.
“ However, we refuse to accept that the pursuit of their rights should be at the expense of our own rights, which are equally guaranteed by the Constitution and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.
“Enough is enough! We insist and demand peaceful inter-ethnic and inter-religious coexistence. We remain committed to it at all times. But, Igbo will be making a dangerous mistake to take our peaceful disposition as a sign of weakness,” he warned.

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