10 Ways To Make Your Partner Love You Even More

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You can’t force a person to love you, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that you can do to help things along a little bit. This isn’t about playing manipulative mind games with a person, it’s about helping someone who you love realise just how much they love you. If you’d like your partner to love you even more, and to show it, read these ten tips that will help open up his eyes to just how much he really does love you.

1. Don’t try so hard

The very fact that you are reading this might be an indication that perhaps you are just trying too hard. Ease back a bit, give him some space and don’t keep expecting him to tell you how much he loves you. Men don’t like being put under pressure and his love for you will grow much quicker, if he is left to make that decision for himself.

2. Make him laugh a lot

The more you make him laugh, the more he’s going to want to spend time with you. Men are no different from women in this respect, if you have fun with someone, you will become more and more attached to them. Be prepared to make fun of yourself too. It’s much easier to love someone who does not take themselves, or life, too seriously.

3. Let him see the real you

It’s great fun putting on the makeup and getting dressed in your best outfits for a guy, but don’t be afraid to look natural sometimes too. He will appreciate it when you make the effort to look great for a night out, but he also wants to get to know the real you. You don’t need to impress him all the time; it’s the person that he will learn to love more, not the makeup and the designer clothes.

4. Show him that you are independent

How is he going to know how much he would miss you, if you are always there at his beck and call? He should know that you have a life outside of the relationship and you should go out with your friends sometimes. There’s no harm at all in him knowing that you can be independent, it will actually make him want you all the more.

5. Get to know the things that he likes

Although there is no point in you pretending that you have become a football fan overnight, you could take an interest in some of the things that he likes to do. If he is a sports fan, you could sit and watch a game with him instead of disappearing off into another room or, at the very least, ask him who won. He will really appreciate it if you take an interest in his hobbies and pastimes.

6. Give him compliments

If you are in a relationship with a guy, then he already knows that you like him, but he’d still like to get some complements sometimes. Tell him when you think he’s done something well, or let him know that you like the way he looks in his new clothes. Everyone likes to receive compliments, so don’t hold back. Who wouldn’t fall in love with someone who flatters them and makes them feel good about themselves?

7. Get along with his friends and family

You can’t guarantee that you will adore all of his family, or that you will like all of his friends, but you should do your level best to get along with them. Being nice to his friends and his family is sign of respect for your partner and he will love you for making the effort, even if you can’t stand some of his buddies. The worst thing you can do is to make enemies of those in his close circle, because that will be embarrassing for him and awkward for you.

8. Keep a bit of mystery about yourself

Men love a bit of mystery, so don’t give everything away all at one go. Let him discover more and more about you, as time goes on, and then he will love the surprises and he will keep coming back to find out more.

9. Make him proud of you

Don’t be afraid to share your successes with him, because he will enjoy them as much as you do. Let him see that you can win and he will be so proud of you, he will love you even more. Most men like a woman who has ambition, drive and passion, and they will want to share that with you and help you achieve your goals.

10. Be there for him when he needs you

One of the hardest things for man to do is ask for help, so let him know that you are there, if he needs you, and then follow that promise up with action, if and when the moment comes. Men are not as half as tough as they make themselves out to be, so become his motivation and support, and will love you all the more for it.

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