You’ll end up in hell – Sultan of Sokoto warns those killing in Allah’s name

– Sultan of Sokoto has cautioned those who kill in the name of Allah

– The Sultan said these people will end up in hell

– He also said that anybody will kills in the name of Allah is not a true Muslim

The Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar III, has warned that those who kill in the name of ‘Allah’ will go to hell. The Sultan said anyone who kills in the name of Allah or Islam is not a true Muslim. Speaking at 57th Founder’s Day Dignity Award Lecture at the University of Nigeria Nsukka on Friday, October 6, the Sultan said such killers are terrorists.

Abubakar delivered a lecture on “Restoring the dignity of man” at the institution.

He said: “We cannot restore the dignity of man by killing innocent people. “The herdsmen killing people are criminals and not Fulani herdsmen. “Anybody who kills people while shouting Allah, is a terrorist and not a true Muslim and will go to hell. Allah hates people who kill and says they will go to hell,” Abubakar said.

He further noted that education has remained an important tool driving the developmental force of man. He said education is most important because it promotes peace, unity and economy.

He added: “A country that takes education serious tends to develop healthier and happier. “Education is light and means to restore dignity of man while ignorance is darkness “Education will continue to be a veritable tool for human and societal development,” the Sultan said. earlier reported that the Sultan had warned that Nigeria cannot survive another civil war. The Sultan cautioned all Nigerians especially leaders against making mistakes that could divide the nation. He also called on politicians to work closely with traditional rulers to ensure that Nigeria’s unity is preserved.

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