Working with Davido requires a lot of hard work and determination – Producer Fresh

Davido’s producer, Fresh has admitted that working with Davido is the best thing that has ever happened to him, as he’s one interesting person to work with.

Producer Fresh

Fresh, who is the brains behind Davido’s smash hit FIA and latest single Flora My Flawa as well as the DMW collaboration Mind, spoke to Vanguard recently about his relationship with Davido.

He admitted that it takes patience to work with Davido but he also has the biggest heart of all the people he has ever worked with. He says;

Producer Fresh

Working with Davido has been epic; it requires a lot of hard work and determination. With someone like Davido who gets beats thrown at him from every angle, you need patience, persistence and diligence. With Davido, you have to be on your toes because he will not like every beat you make, not because it’s not dope but because it has to align with the ideas he has in his head. Also, he can call you at 2a.m and be like “Can you come over? There is this idea I have”, and you have to go to his house.

David is the sweetest and most caring person I have come to know. He has an amazing heart. People who don’t know him can hardly see it. He treats everyone as an equal regardless of your social status; he never looks down on you

Producer Fresh

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