“Woe unto the man who marries TBoss” – TBoss’ father

Following the report of Second Runner-up of the Big Brother Naija 2017 Reality TV show, TBoss’s dad from Benin, getting married recently, trolls had some nasty things to say and his response to them, has us utterly shocked!

A troll had while commenting on one of his wedding photos, said he looked like “a roasted goat” and replying to this troll, he made a statement, more or less, a curse on the people that’ll marry any of his children he had with his Romanian wife – this includes TBoss of course.

Engr. Vincent Idowu tied the knot to a new wife in a casual ceremony that went down in Edo State recently – according to multiple reports, Mr. Idowu and TBoss’ Romanian mom are separated.

After seeing the reactions of Nigerians on his recent development, he took to Instagram to share,

Ordinarily, I really wouldn’t like to make any comment here knowing how petty and unreasonable most Nigerians are. I am neither a politician, a business mogul nor money ritualist.

I am just a humble, comfortable old man. There was never a time I bragged of my wealth. And I have been a devoted and honest civil servant all my life. S

So, are Nigerians celebrating wealth or honesty? I am proud that I served my country faithfully and with integrity. I never took one kobo bribe as a Civil Servant and as a lecturer I never took one Kobo for blocking.

Those Nigerians jeering at my simplicity should cover their heads with shame. TBoss and her siblings have their lives and certainly without me. I never asked TBoss for one Kobo and I have never seen Wendy for over 13years though she visits Nigeria regularly in the past 10yrs from Romania.

The last time I saw Tokunbor(TBoss) was in August 2016. Their mother left me on good grounds in 2006. Even God found out that it was not proper for man ( Adam) to live alone so He created Eve to be Adam’s companion.

So, what’s wrong in having a devoted and understanding companion as wife even at my old age?

In his response to a troll who said he looks like a “roasted goat”, he wrote:

When destiny smiles on someone, he forgets that there is life elsewhere. If I look like a roasted goat on my wedding day, that’s cool but that writer will soon become a resident of a subcity where people with severed limbs, broken bones, amputations, stinking blind and lame reside. THIS IS A PROMISE.

I live a humble, private life and did not intimate TBoss or any of her siblings of my plan to remarry in accordance with my tradition/custom. Furthermore, I did not make public or post anything about my marriage.

I am starting a new beginning and clearing the slate of all the wrong decisions I amde in my life. I just want to forget Tokunbor (TBoss) and her siblings and start life afresh for all its worth.

If and wherever Tboss and any of her siblings gets married, it shall be without my blessings and woe unto the man or the woman who marries any of them.

So shall it be by the power vested on me by God Almighty

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