“You will not die if you don’t do pre and post wedding photoshoots” – Lady Advises Bride-to-be’s

Peace FM Entertainment Review Show panel member, and event organizer,Whitney Boakye-Mensah has penned her thoughts on pre & post-wedding photos. Read her thoughts below:

My dear Brides to be, this is 2017, I promise you the following:

No, you will not die if you do not have pre and post wedding photo shoot

You will still have a wonderful wedding whether you have a bachelorette or not

Do not compete with all that you see on social media, social media likes will not save a marriage, you work on it everyday

Flee from pressure from frenemies who advise you to be like all you see on social media, when you owe and your name is tagged on social media, they will be the same who screenshoot to mock you with others

Prepare for marriage not a wedding, a wedding is but a day,maximum 2 days,

Do not start your married life with debts from your wedding

You do not need 15 bridesmaids, just because Miss a did does not mean you should, and stop giving your friends pressure with an escalated budget for attires and events to attend just to be a part of your bridal team, you have no idea what they say about you, you need blessing for a new life not frowns and sneers

Your happiness does not depend on social media likes, happiness is an inside job

Marriage is a two way affair, do not be more concerned about your bridesmaids customized robes,than your would be husband’s concerns

You do not need to invite the entire world as a proof of a good wedding

Always have two good friends to count on, pray for and with you, you will need it

Be prepared for frenemies

Get a trusted planner,delegate and have mad fun, it is your day

Treat your bridal team with respect

Again, have fun!!


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