Watch the shocking moment a cow went crazy and chased people on a busy road in Lagos

A rather scary video has emerged online showing the moment a cow went mad and chased people about in broad daylight.

The incredible incident reportedly happened on Thursday in Okota, Lagos.

At one point in the footage, a bus is seen trying to bump into the cow in a bid to subdue it, but the animal escapes being hit and continued its rampage. It then charged directly at two persons riding on a bike. The two men jumped off the bike and ran for their lives.

The rather crazy animal did not stop its rampage even after being hit from the side by a bus but attempted to hit the vehicle with its horns.

Towards the end of the video, a man is seen with a rope in his hands as he tries to use it to subdue the animal. He fails, however.

The video ends with the cow running off in the distance. It is not known how the drama ended.

Watch the footage below:


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