I want a woman that can kneel down & serve me food” – 9ice

Nigerian indigenous vocalist, 9ice subsequent to exhorting Nigerian young fellows on marriage, went further to likewise express that genuine relational unions can’t be really found among our present era as they are not as easygoing as they ought to be.

He likewise discussed the news, or rather gossip that expressed he is hitched. The hip artiste says he is not hitched, has never remarried, and he is directly single, he is not prepared to blend.

The vocalist went further to state that individuals don’t comprehend the marriage in this era, henceforth his announcement that marriage is not for this era.

As indicated by 9ice, the absence of accommodation in the present era won’t make it feasible for them to remain wedded. With this announcement, it is alright to infer that 9ice sees marriage in an extremely conventional manner and he trusts that there is a miscommunication between sexes as folks need the customary meaning of marriage while women have made a 21st century definition, so to him, there has to another definition that obliges the requirements of the couple. They ought to make a definition that they can concur upon and work with as opposed to meeting up under various idea and after that spend not as much as a year together. The marriage ought to be one in light of affection instead of customary or family desires.

To the vocalist whose measuring stick for marriage is his folks, he’s searching for a lady that will stoop to serve him his feast, and he realizes that the ladies in this era won’t do that because of “development” and the sum total of what they have been presented to.

So all that really matters for 9ice is; the place marriage is concerned, this era is lost and it is it is possible that they backtrack their means or locate another progression to concede to and firmly walk together.

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