‘Do you want to be judged only by your weaknesses?’ – Talent manager, Isioma Osaje, defends TBoss

On Big Brother Naija 2017, TBoss was innocently put on the spot yesterday evening when her fellow contestant/friend, Debie-Rise asked her to recite the Nigerian National Anthem. She didn’t recite some of the lines properly and later took out her anger at Debbie, blaming her for putting her in such a situation in front of the millions of viewers watching. Now Twitter exploded with ‘National Anthem’ trending and some trolls angry that the Nigerian-Romanian beauty made it to the final week, cursed out people voting for her.

A particular tweet (as seen above) has now caused outrage and Isioma Osaje weighed in on it.

According to her;

 “I already am way too invested in Big Brother, but i can’t help it. Yesterday #TBoss had issues reciting the national anthem. She scuffed a line, maybe two. I was sad, i wished i could give her expo. Then she had an argument with Debbie Rise because she felt put on the spot. The argument was painful to watch because I’ve come to enjoy the friendship TBoss shares with Debbie and I hope it survives.

But I’m actually puzzled by the OUTRAGE that has been expressed. At most i imagined we would feel “Mild disappointment or Offense” at the Anthem goof and perhaps Sadness at watching friends quarrel. Why are we MAD and seeing Red and raining curses on TBoss and those of us who are Voting for her? Are you that perfect and without flaws? Everyone of us has had low moments. We’ve goofed majorly. Do you want to be judged only by your weaknesses? TBoss can and should learn the Nigerian National anthem. TBoss can and should work on her emotional maturity. However you’ll all also need to work on your vindictive-ness and exaggerated reactions where she is concerned.

On Sunday at 10pm, Big Brother Naija will be done. It is really not this serious. It is a social experiment and guess what, it’s not only the housemates under the microscope. And many of us have not been at our best. I honestly cannot wait for it to be done. But until then, i will keep voting TBoss because i am not perfect and I’ll never demand it from another human.”

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