Veteran Singer, Essence says she is still ready for marriage

Veteran Singer Essence, recently turned 40, and contrary to what many think, she reveals to Sunday Scoop that she is still interested in marriage.

The singer said:

“Why not? A lot of people are being pressured into doing things they ordinarily shouldn’t have done or gone into; especially marriage.

“A lot of people are getting married for the wrong reasons and that is why many marriages crash these days and people commit murder.

“I believe that staying single for this long is for a purpose. There is no timetable for anybody.

“Some people may say that for me to be unmarried at this age means I’ve done something wrong but I believe that I am doing something right.

“There is a time and season for everything and I’m waiting for my time.”

On insinuation that she is actually older than 40, the African prince crooner said,

“It’s not everybody who was born at the same time with me that are still here; I know of some that are no more. 

“I am happy and I feel empowered, knowing that I can be more and do more.

“Some people are even saying that I am over 40. I have people who went to school with me and I cannot lie.

“I was born in Army Hospital, Yaba, in 1978. I’m too old to change. I’ve never been the flashy type and I’m still that way. My old friends are still my friends.”

Speaking on her current projects, the singer said, “I will be releasing my gospel album later this month. I have been working hard on it. I am retracing my roots to gospel.

“When you get to this age, you no longer worry about what people say; you do what you truly want. Music, for me, is about spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and that is where I started from.

“My songs have always been inspirational with salient messages. I’m just going to be doing more of gospel-based music. I featured only Onus in the forthcoming album and Sammie Okposo produced a song on it as well.

“I was quiet for four years and it was deliberate. I think it is important to take time to re-evaluate yourself at certain times. I have been going through a reprogramming and the end just coincided with when I turned 40.”

Asked to recount the major incidents that shook her in the course of her career, Essence stated, “Over the years, I have had plenty high and low points. If anybody’s life is going straight, that means the person is dead.

“There have been ups and downs and I believe that’s the essence of being alive.

“All the situations I’ve been through have made me a better person and artiste. It’s not about falling down; it’s about getting back up. Whatever shook me was for a season and I overcame.”

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