Top 5 durable phones with very long battery life

We all love our smartphones and all the amazing things we can do with them to stay entertained, however, nothing puts a dampener on our fun like when our phone batteries run out too soon. It is not always possible to carry your phone charger about or even find a power outlet to charge your phones on the go; so what is a good way to ensure you are not always running about to charge your phone? Simply get a smartphone with great battery life and save yourself a little stress.

Today, we bring you 5 awesome smartphones that deliver in the area of sleekness & amazing features while still boasting of long battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 

You would have to be living under a rock to not know about Samsung Mobile and the beautiful devices they make because their reputation simply precedes them! One of the most impressive Samsung devices ever made would have to be the Galaxy S7 Edge; only a few phones out there can compete with it’s beautiful design, cool user interface and features, but when it comes to strong battery life we really give it to the S7 Edge and it’s 3600 mAh battery.

Gionee A1 

The Gionee A1 prides itself not only in being able to take the most awesome selfies with its professional quality camera, but also having an impressive battery life that the owner would totally enjoy. Although the Gionee A1 has a lot of important specs, it is undeniable that the 4010 mAh battery power it possesses tops our list of why you should get this phone, even top Nigerian singer Seyi Shay agrees!

TECNO Phantom 6 Plus 

TECNO is one brand that is gradually becoming a household name in Nigeria due to the amazing devices they keep churning out; basically, it’s like every time you think they have outdone themselves, they always come up with something new to surprise you! One of their most impressive smartphones is the Phantom 6 plus – beautiful, sleek, durable and bagging a very impressive 4050 mAh battery!

Huawei Ascend Mate 700

Huawei phones are undeniably one of the most durable and rugged phones you can find in the Nigerian market. If you want a smartphone that delivers you a great user experience, won’t break at the slightest accidental slip and has a strong battery that can last you a very long time without having to be recharged, then the Huawei Ascend Mate 7 with its 4100 mAh battery is one phone you will enjoy!

Infinix Note 3 

This beautiful smartphone from Infinix is one device which has become quite popular amongst lovers of good smartphones, and for good reasons! Even though Infinix is a well-known brand in Nigeria, the release of the Infinix Note 3 really put them on a higher pedestal in the eyes of smartphone users, especially considering it boasts of an enviable 4500 mAh battery power! Not many devices can boast of that while still sporting the other cool features the Note 3 comes with.

Which smartphone has given you the best experience in terms of battery life? Let us know in the comment section.

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