Tony Tida TMG gets first ever MC job after his Facebook comment went viral

YBL Reader, Tony Tida TMG has gotten his First Ever MC job after his comment where he called on the North Korean leader to bomb his Uncle house went viral.

Recall, we made a post which reads: “World War III: North Korea Threatens to Wipe Out United States”.. and then tony made a comment on our Facebook page which reads:

“I don’t have a problem with the wiping out of the state but please i want the bomb to be directed straight to New Orleans Louisiana so that it will hit Philip my uncle direct in the head…..he thinks he can sell our only family land and run away with the money”

Apparently, his comments made headlines, and because of this, he got his First-ever MC Job.. He shared us the Photos..

He also revealed he never knew being an MC is a difficult job, but then, his co-MC, MC supermom, made it all easy for him.

See some photos below:


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