Three Things To Know When Picking An Eyeglass Frame

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Finding the perfect frame does not require your being a fashion expert.

One rule you should bear in mind while choosing frames is that opposite attract. This is because frames that contrast from your facial framework brings about balance to your prominent features.

A guy wearing glasses. Photo Elle

Here are some tips to help with your selection:

Skin complexion

The shape of your face is not the only thing to consider when picking out a frame for yourself. Your skin complexion basically serves as a determinant for the colour your frame will take. As mentioned earlier, the opposite attracts. For a fair skinned person, frames with dark deep colours will suit better. This way there is a balance in the skin colour as well as the colour of the frame with both standing out. For a dark-skinned person, the reverse is the case. However, in some cases where the skin colour cannot really be placed, these people are able to try out almost all colour.

Personality and lifestyle

Beyonce wearing sunglasses Photo Pinterest

Your personality tells about your lifestyle. Fit frames to suit the different sides to your person. The down to business frame during weekdays and frames for whatever you want to be during the weekend.

Face span

The length and width of your face do matter also in your selection.

Tall big faces

Tall lenses are perfect for you as they take up space and create a uniformity between your face and glasses. When going for an oversized glasses, choose one wide enough to cover your face from one side to another. Thick glasses also fit well with tall big faces.

Short small faces

Just as tall faces, short faces preferable work best with short, narrow and small lenses so as not to take up spaces from your face or make them look smaller than they really are.

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