Stop blaming devil for your failure- Cleric tells Nigerians

Pastor Ben Andrew, Senior Pastor, Living Faith Church in Lafia, Nasarawa state has advised Nigerians to stop blaming the devil for their failures in life and difficulty to success.

The cleric gave the advice in a Thanksgiving Sunday sermon in Lafia, entitled “Heritage of success” “If you fail, you caused, it not the devil.

‘’Stop blaming the devil. Nobody is made by God to fail but every endowment requires your input. You are to activate and nurture your God-given gift to succeed in life. “You keep saying the devil sat on your business. Why is the business not sitting on the successful businesses of unbelievers? ‘’Witches or wizards cannot stop or aid your success. Whatever happens in your life is your sole responsibility,” he said. Andrew also said that refusal of many people to work hard on the natural gift given to them by God led to their failure in life. The cleric stressed for people to have a set a goal, adding that not having a deliberate goal in life led to a destiny of failure and frustration. “A man is driven by his goal. But any time you wake up, you never did anything that draws you closer to your goal, then, you are destined for failure.” He, however, urged Nigerians not to feel intimidated by the level of effort they needed to put in to succeed, stressing that all successes in life were attainable with the right mentality. The religious leader also called on the people to key into the gift given to man by God. “Success is not meant for some people but for all. All successes are deliberate. ‘’Take a decision never to fail because you are designed and created to succeed.” He said that there was no magical or accidental success, adding that man’s success was carefully planned and required a high level of commitment and time for attainment

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