South African doctors perform 2nd successful Penis Transplant

South African doctors from the Stellenbosch University have performed its second successful penis transplant operation in the country.
The recipient whose name is being kept anonymous for ethical reasons is a 40-year-old man and has been without a penis for 17 years after a botched traditional circumcision, according to Times Live.
In a statement released by Professor Andre Van der Merwe‚ Head of the Division of Urology at Stellenbosch University at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, he said the patient: ‘is certainly one of the happiest patients we have seen in our ward. He is doing remarkably well. There are no signs of rejection and all the reconnected structures seem to be healing well.’
According to him, the patient is expected to regain full use of his penis within six months of the transplant.
The first ever penis transplant was done in 2014 and it’s also the world’s first successful penile transplant which was also performed by Van der Merwe and his team at Tygerberg Hospital on December 11, 2014.
‘About two years later, the patient is doing extremely well, both physically and mentally”, Van der Merwe said.
‘He is living a normal life. His urinary and sexual functions have returned to normal, and he has virtually forgotten that he had a transplant,’ he added.

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