Somali al-Shabaab terror group stone man to death for adultery

Al-Shabab Islamist fighters on Sunday, May 28, stoned a man to death as punishment for alleged adultery in Ramo Adey village in the south-central Bay region, Somalia.
44-year-old Dayow Mohamed Hassan was convicted by an Islamic court of being in an adulterous relationship with a woman and impregnating her, despite having two wives, Moalim Geedow, the regional governor representing the al Qaeda-linked insurgency said.

Geedow told Reuters that Hassan was buried neck-deep in a hole then pelted with stones.

“The man was married with two wives and children. He was publicly stoned to death today for committing adultery according to the Islamic sharia,” Geedow said.

“The man had a third woman who was a divorcee. He did not have her according to sharia. He deceived her, saying that he went to a sheikh (local leader) and that he married her. However, when the woman got pregnant, the two families debated and there was no trace of valid matrimony. The court ruled he did not marry her legally and he was stoned to death.”

Al Shabaab is fighting to overthrow the weak U.N.-backed government and impose its own strict interpretation of Islamic law. It was a radical offshoot of the Islamic Courts Union, an alliance of Islamic courts that ruled the capital of Mogadishu and much of the south in 2006.

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