SHOCKING!! Baby Rescued From Kidnappers On New Year’s Eve Was Sold By Her Step Father

The mother of the baby is a single mother who was abandoned by the baby’s father.
Another guy took her in and took care of her during her pregnancy with the intention of selling the baby at birth with or without the consent of the mother.
When the baby was finally born. The caretaker told the mother to sell the baby but she refused.
The guy made plans with his friends leaving in Umuahia to get a buyer.
The day of kidnap, he sent the baby’s mother to go and buy a recharge card for him. When the lady left, he took the baby and ran to Umuahia to meet with his friend for them to execute their plans.

Unluckily for them the buyer wanted a baby boy not a baby girl.
They were left with the baby. The guy in Umuahia called his girlfriend and hand the baby over to her to pretend to be the mother while they look for another buyer.
They spent a night in his aunty’s place. Meanwhile the baby cried all through the night as she was hungry, which raise suspicions. The Aunty began to question the “supposed” mother of the baby why she is not breastfeeding her.
After much interrogations the lady opened up that the baby wasn’t hers. The woman now ran to the police office to make entry.
That was how they were caught. All are in police custody. Justice must prevail.
Thank you all who showed concern and those who wanted to adopt her. For everyone looking for a child. God will bless you with one.

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