‘I see trouble should anything go wrong with President Buhari’ – Bishop Seun Adeoye

According to Adeoye, he urged that Nigerians come together to pray for his quick recovery to avoid falling into the hands of a wrong leader and risking more hardship in the country.
The cleric raised the alarm during his recently held 1st Episcopal Honours and Gallantry Awards at his church in Osun State.
He said,

‘I see trouble should anything go wrong with President Buhari. So, we need to pray for his quick recovery from this ailment. Buhari must not die; Buhari must live and that should be our prayers.

‘If Buhari is not the president, we will be faced with more lies and propaganda where we are going to be made to call black white, he added.

The Bishop told his congregation that Nigeria will be jeopardized and citizens will be subjected to perpetual bondage as slaves if the power gets to the wrong leader.

‘Rule of law will turn to be a rule of fear and democracy will be replaced by despotism, favoritism and godfatherism. We cannot allow Nigeria to be in the hand of any of the present leaders. None of them can be the captain of this ship; they will run it aground with their arrogance and selfish agenda.

‘They will rob, strip us unclad and put us in perpetual bondage as slaves. So, I enjoin all of us to pray for the President Buhari to get well quickly, he said

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