Refuse Dumps Take Over Lagos Mega City

Lagos with a population of over 20 million people, generates wastes in tens of thousands of tonnes on a daily basis.

The huge amount of wastes is not unexpected considering the population and managing it was also not a problem in the past, especially during the Babatunde Fashola administration, when LAWMA and PSP operators were charged with the responsibility of managing wastes in the state.

It was a thing of pride then for residents and visitors alike to live and drive in a state free of dirts. The environment and major roads were clean and Lagos was beginning to fit the mega city status.

But since late 2017, Lagos has taken a turn for the worse. Dumpsites have become common sites to behold across the state. And it is gradually becoming a feature of the city.

Agege-Motor Road, Oshodi. 5th of April, 2018…..7:55am

A drive through the city leaves one with so much to desire in terms of clean environment. From Mile 2 to Ijesha, Cele to Iyana Isolo down to Oshodi, the story is the same, refuse dumpsites at every street corners and bus-stops.

Oshodi, the epicentre of the Lagos megacity initiative, where massive infrastructural development like the world class transport interchange, expansion of the Airport Road and creation of BRT route on the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway are under construction, is also not free from the dumpsite menace.

Agege Motor Road, Oshodi. 6th of April, 2018…..8:03am

These dumpsites that litter the whole state bring out so much bad odour, forcing passers by to cover their noses and one begins to wonder what it will be like when the rainy season commences.

In an attempt to know what really went wrong, PMNEWS spoke with a Cleaner Lagos Sweeper who identified himself as Yusuf. He said his job is to sweep the roads while the truck drivers are the one’s to clear the wastes. Yusuf said he doesn’t know how often the truck drivers come to clear the refuse on the side of the road.

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PMNEWS also spoke with a truck driver who sought anonymity because he is not authorised to speak on the issue.

He blamed the appearance of refuse dumpsites on roads and street corners on truck drivers who have reduced their trips from two to one since the major dumpsite at Olusosun was relocated to Eruelepe in Ikorodu.


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