President Buhari signs “Not Too Young To Run” bill into law

President Buhari has signed the Not-Too-Young-To-Run Bill into law. The president signed the bill this afternoon inside Aso Rock Presidential Villa in Abuja. President Buhari had, in his Democracy Day broadcast on Tuesday, pledged to sign the bill.

The bill was passed by the National Assembly last year to alter Sections 65, 106, 131, 177 of the Constitution to reduce the age qualification for President from 40 to 30; Governor from 35 to 30; Senator from 35 to 30; House of Representatives membership from 30 to 25 and State House of Assembly membership from 30 to 25.

Watch video of him signing the bill into law:



Muhammadu Buhari


At 2.30pm today May 31, 2018, I signed into law the Bill, a landmark piece of legislation that was conceived, championed and accomplished by young Nigerians. The Bill has now become an Act of Parliament. It is a historic day for Nigeria.

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