Popular Brazilian singer gets involved in a car accident with her husband, onlookers livestream her dying

A very devastating incident occurred in Brazil on June 16. Eliza Clivia, the popular Brazilian singer, died following a car crash but what’s shocking about it is that no one tried to save her after the vehicle she was in got hit by a bus.
Eliza, 36, had been traveling with her drummer husband, Sérgio Ramos, when they got t-boned by the bus right in the centre of Aracaju, in the state of Sergipe, Brazil.
The singer, who gained international fame as the lead singer of the band Cavaleiros do Forró before she went solo four months ago, was planning a nationwide tour when she got in the accident.
She was scheduled to perform on that same Friday night in Aracaju and was on her way with, not only her husband, but also with three members of her touring team when they got hit. As the occupants of the car cried out in pain, onlookers did not move a finger to help but used their phones to broadcast it live.
Sadly, Eliza didn’t make it. Her husband also died but the other three people suffered only minor injuries. Go here to watch the sad video.

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