Business is obliged to protect people’s dignity – and those who lay ogg employees solely for economic gain commit a serious sin, Pope Francis told employees of a TV platform in Italy.

“He who shuts factories and closes companies as a result of economic operations and unclear negotiations, depriving men and women from work, commits a very grave sin”, the Pope said in reference to Sky Italy’s recent cutbacks.

Sky Italy is a platform for digital satellite television. Partly owned by 21st Century Fox, they are also a major broadcaster for sports. Sky has recently announced plans to downsize and move 300 employees to Milan from Rome.

The Pope emphasized the dignity work gives to men and women and lamented employers who do not keep their responsibility to access to this dignity.

Pope Francis has spoken on the accountability of a business to its workers before. Addressing the Italian Christian Union of Business Executives in 2015, he encouraged the estimated 7,000 gathered at the Vatican to look at the ethics as a necessity for economics and business.

The Pope ended his speech with hope for a quick resolution that ” takes into account the respect for the rights of all, especially for families. ”


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