Lo,the sun will rise in the east instead
On that path angels and fools will tread
The link to that a bright dread
Looking around,yet not seeing
Somewhere tears well up in my eyes
Whispers so loud
Each confirming you
without breath
For in that world
Stars replace the sun Darkness so thick and hurtful
So terrible to imagine and yet must be
How then is it that the skies turn red
At a time my little mind seems to rest
Thunder roaring without mercy
All that were deemed beautiful
At his command uglier than death
Not all will be prepared however
As birds will go sulking into dens
And Lions with wings then prefer
The warmest nest at the coldest point
Yes! Brother will look at the other
And say with obvious disgust
‘How I hate you’
Spouses will turn to each other saying
‘We were just mistakes’ Without negotiations of any form
Our shadows gradually take form
Revolting and rioting where from?
He is returning from where he came from In good fate though grudgingly
The thud keeps coming Each louder than the first
Agitated termites therein to buffet you
The cord so strong yet broken
Turning,twisting, giving up The reality actually guffawing
And having no option than to gaze up high
I realise it is the creator’s world
The hereafter arrived without a word.

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