Poem:Dark Zone



When he served me oil as


And gave me ‘mmiriakioyibo’as water

When he called his children

to greet his guest

And all I saw was shadows waving hands

When he laughed over my joke

And i saw nothing but a tooth When his wife brought me


And all I saw was her


When Adannem called on phone

And I saw just a blur screen When I tried checking

my time

Been fed up with all that was

And I saw just the leather straps

When that ‘being’ in ‘ogodo’

Served the long awaited dish

Steaming hot it seemed

But it could make ‘Amalinze’ catch cold

When my host exclaimed ‘Chiejigo’

And those shadows brought him lamp

Instead of rays of light like the lamps I use

It was hurting darkness

When I tapped Jideofor my friend

He was so stiff,so cold

With a smile like a fiend

When it dawned on me

That short sight had brought us doom

Because we wanted to do things

Like flaunt our new Gucci coats

‘Ifeerikakwanu’grandpa would say

‘Ajommuo dikwa’ his wife always replied

When that host,our host

Decided to yawn

It had been a long day

And a long yawn it was Ash and blood poured as spittle

He turned to me

And in a whisper that awoke Jide

He said ‘Welcome to the dark zone’



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