Ozubulu students recount what happened in their school

Earlier today, there were reports that soldiers were forcefully injecting school children with the Monkey Pox Virus in Anambra state. In a recent video shared online, student recounted what happened and how they had to run home from school. But eyewitnesses have released photos to show that the soldiers were simply conducting a free medical outreach.

In the video shared online, a woman is heard questioning some children of school age about what happened. The children, who were still in their uniforms, said they were in school when teachers came in and told them that soldiers were forcefully injecting people and killing those who resisted.

“The teacher told us to go home that soldiers are going about killing children, injecting them,” a boy who goes to Peculiar School in Umuanyagu said. “Most of the students have gone home, even those that went with bikes.”

A girl who attends Marcellina Udoh Nursery and primary school in Ezioba Ozubulu said: “They told us to go home that the army are injecting people, shooting children and if you don’t let them inject you, they’ll kill you.”

Another much younger child piped up: “our school, they’ve locked it and my aunty left.”

The children went on to say all the schools in Ozubulu have been closed and everyone has gone home. There was a little child seen crying for the mother, the male pupil said.

The boy continued: “Those injecting people are around Eke boys. Some of them are in Ugwu Oye, some are in Eke boys. The army is among them. When they come, they’ll forcefully inject you.”


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