Overweight Thai monkey checked into boot camp to get treatment for obesity

An obese monkey in Bangkok, Thailand has been checked into the primate equivalent of boot camp to help him lose some weight.

The 20-year-old long-tailed macaque named “Uncle Fatty” has become quite popular among tourists in Bang Thian district, who have been feeding him everything from melons to milkshakes to noodles day in and day out.
After seeing the pictures posted online, primate conservation group Monkey Lovers, went last Thursday to check on the big eater’s health. He likes eating and there are lots of visitors who give him food all day,”  said the group’s Kawinoat Mongkholtechaphat, adding that the monkey might not survive if he continues eating like that.


To avoid this, the Tha Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation has now transferred him him to a wildlife rescue centre, where he will soon start a program including running sessions with other animals and a lighter diet to hopefully cut his weight by half and allow him to roam in more comfort again.


More photos below…






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