Osun guber-Church holds prayer session for politicians

Ahead of the forthcoming governorship election in Osun State, the Victory Life Ministries has organised a prayer session for the candidates that will be contesting in the poll scheduled for September 22.
The prayer meeting which was held at the church’s cathedral, in Osogbo, during the weekly Miracle Service, was attended by a couple of candidates, their supporters, party leaders as well as aspirants for other political offices during the 2019 general elections.
The programme was organised to pray for the politicians for divine protection before, during and after the election and for God to grant them favour to earn people’s votes for victory in the poll.
The congregation, while offering prayers for them, also prayed for a peaceful, free and fair exercise.

They also prayed to God to take absolute control of the election by demonstrating His supremacy over ungodly tendencies capable of hampering the integrity of the poll.
The presiding minister, Bishop Mike Bamidele, traced the importance of leadership position from Ecclesiastes 17:14-20.
According to the cleric, leadership positions had been ordained by God right from creation and His intention was to enthrone His righteousness on earth marked by peace, love, holiness, prosperity and divine protection among mankind.
He stressed that God’s original plan for kingship was to serve His people with the fear of God, make them happy and never to subject them to any form of suffering but to ensure better living conditions for the people.
Bishop Bamidele, therefore, explained that leadership position was not meant for the leaders to amass wealth, turn against the people and make the position their personal belonging.
He urged the candidates to play according to the rules outlined in the scripture if they must attain their desired offices and excel in them.
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The cleric enjoined the candidates to make people-oriented government that would inspire dividends of democracy and better living conditions their priority if they assume any offices of their desire.
He noted that only the Omnipotent God could choose the right candidate as governor in the election.
He called on God to demonstrate His omnipotent and supernatural powers by prevailing against ungodly inclinations and manipulations capable of imposing any governor that is not God’s will on the people.
He observed that such development could only lead to bad governance and regrets, adding that only God-chosen governor could make people rejoice.
“When the righteous is in authority, people rejoice ( Psalm 29:2),” Bamidele stressed.
While leading the congregation to pray for the right governor, the Bishop said: “Oh Lord, in the forthcoming election, do not allow any leader that would lead us to Egypt where your people were subjected to undue suffering by King Pharaoh until you delivered them. Do not allow any leader that would put people in hunger and poverty.”
“Give us a governor who has a God-fearing heart. Knock down every human arrangement that is against your will during the election. Disappoint those who trust in human efforts and the worship of idols to win the election. Disappoint those who put their trust in money. Disappoint those who put their trust in human connections.
“Father, help your own man and your divine choice. Send help to the man of your choice. Grant him favour. He may be David in the wilderness. But bring him back home and enthrone him as the governor.”

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