OAU student dies after he retweeted a “death” tweet

There was a game on Facebook, the “No Likes” Game, where N5,000 was up for grabs to anyone whose comment doesn’t garner a like..

The game was played by many, the game gathered 51,000 comments on Facebook, with many Nigerians laying curses on whoever likes their comment.

Apparently, this game was taken to “Twitter”, But this time, the user promised to give out N50,000 to anyone whose tweet doesn’t get a retweet. Then here’s the weird part.

A tweet which reads: “Pls dont retweet this post if you do so you will die #50kChallenge”.

Then an OAU Student, Jerry Ashiru retweeted the tweet alongisde 15 other people………5 days later, he died.


Jerry also participated in the challenge, saying he needs it for school fees as his school is resuming.

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