North allegedly plots against President Buhari ahead of 2019

– Some Northern politicians are allegedly working against President Buhari

– They expressed disappointment at the level of performance of the president so far

– They indicated that President Buhari does not deserve a second term

Some northern personalities have allegedly been meeting ahead of the 2019 presidential election to work against the emergence of Muhammadu Buhari as 2019 candidate.

According to a report by The Sun, the north was dissatisfied with the performance of President Buhari in the two and a half years he has been in power and was working on stopping him from re-running.

A member of the prominent Akida group said: “A lot of our leaders have deviated from the foundations and essence of the APC and we are not happy with that. They are running exclusive governments, non-inclusive administrations; they are running administrations that alienates rather than create greater popular participation. They have abandoned the key issues that were supposed to inform why APC was voted for, so overwhelmingly by Nigerians.”

Another source said Junaid Mohammed and some other notable northern politicians have been having nocturnal meetings and they were against Buhari for 2019.

The source said: “It is better for the North not to have Buhari there. We are wasting our time. For Buhari to continue as president, many of the people across the region will die of hunger. The cabal has hijacked him and it is blackmail; that is why they have a hold on him. “All the Buhari qualities have fallen from 90 percent to 10 percent, let’s be fair, to 20 percent. How can a Buhari value now that has fallen to 20 percent get the presidency with these meetings going on? Junaidu Mohammed is a medical doctor and politician. They were the strong forces that floated CPC. Hameed Ali, the present Customs chief, Sule Yahaya Haman, a former Chief of Security in NIA, Sam Nda-Isaiah, those were the people that lifted Buhari up and stayed by him.

But when Buhari now saw the light of the day he surrounded himself with a cabal and left all the people who did the ground work for him. He dumped all of them completely. “So now it has come to time for them to understand they have been dumped. So that is why Junaidu Mohammed Mahmoud does not want this issue to continue because for all he cares, he is a masquerade. The people operating him are different from him. And honest enough, Junaidu Mahmoud, Hameed Ibrahim Ali, Yahaya Sule Haman, Buba Galadinma they were the people who worked for Buhari. They fought for him, they brainstormed on issues of Nigeria and they gave the answers to him. They were his computer but now he has no computer, because Mamman Daura, Abba Kyari and Samaila Isa Funtua are not even calculators. They are all consumers. They cannot give added value to anything Buhari.

“That is why many northerners feel Buhari should not be president. You remember Mohammed Nuru Abubakar, he is a journalist. He has been in the trenches promoting Buhari. Buhari has not said thank you to anybody who has helped him. All the people who have added grace to Buhari coming out as APC…because when he came into APC he needed a new infrastructure that will back APC because it was now an alliance which he was not ready to go with the ACN.

He was ready to carry the icing with the cake and leave them with the crumbs, but he needed people to float his own leverage as a presidential candidate. They had to do the groundwork. All the people who helped him, two people complained to me that he never remunerated them. He never said thank you to them.

“They are working to close the doors against Buhari. The meeting is to make all the poor people and the clerics who have been in the bandwagon of Buhari to realize the issue and back off Buhari. I am assuring you about that, because that is what the two people who told me about what is going on told me; that this is what is going to be achieved, and asked if I could give them my blessing.

“Some of the people involved are apolitical and you can never mention their names in politics, but they are the leaders of the North.”

.Meanwhile, A youth summit which was convened in Enugu announced that President Buhari, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and Governor Ayo Fayose were too old to govern the nation.

In a communique signed by Maryann Chukwuka, Alhaji Haruna and Lawrence Ozifo, the summit said the aforementioned politicians have tried their best for the country but should not rule again.

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