Nigerians can’t risk another four years of Buhari -Obi


A member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chichi Obi has said that she could support the former vice president of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar with her life in order for the latter to fulfil his presidential ambition. Obi, who is also the National Coordinator of Atiku House 2 House campaign organisation, also said that Nigerians cannot afford to risk another four years under a Buhari administration, as some may not live to tell the story.
She made these known during a chat with journalists in Lagos. She said Atiku is the man who can salvage Nigeria from the present economic hardship, ethnic and religious divides, among others.
What is your assessment of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration?
Apparently, Nigeria has become something no one ever envisaged. Many citizens can no longer afford three square meals because the prices of food stuffs have skyrocketed beyond the common man’s reach. Access to quality health care is now a luxury because there are no longer good hospitals in the country. Millions of the youths are jobless and roaming the streets. Those that are employed are being owed many months salaries. Children are thrown out schools as their parents cannot pay their school fees. All these are happening under a government that promised a change. Unfortunately, we can’t see any signal that things will improve sooner or later. The All Progressives Congress (APC) government has plunged Nigeria into a national and international embarrassment in less than three years in power. The president has disappointed Nigerians in all ramifications.
What do you think is the solution to the problems you enumerated?
Nigerians need to come out en mass to change this present administration, and Atiku is the man to salvage the country from its enormous challenges. The only change Nigeria needs at the moment is for the people to begin to mobilise and change this government through the ballot box in 2019. We cannot risk another four years with Buhari because not many people will survive the hunger to tell the story. Atiku’s passion and belief in the youths is a basic tool he will use to move Nigeria forward because the country belongs to the youths. The youths have been shut out from the political leadership space for too long but this is the opportunity to break that jinx.
Do you subscribe to the claims that the mind-boggling corruption in the former president, Goodluck Jonathan’s administration pushed Nigerians to demand change?
I completely disagree with those unfounded allegations. Many things led to what happened in the 2015 general elections. Even before then, there were lots of disgruntled elements and internal rancour in PDP. There were also issues around the election proper. For those people who said the PDP government was corrupt, what can they say of what is happening with APC in power? There is a deeper corruption going on under Buhari’s nose. This government keeps telling us that it has recovered millions of dollars but where is the money? It is either it has been re-embezzled or no money was found in the first place. Nigerians need something that is evidence-based, not merely blowing of one’s trumpet on the pages of newspapers.
Why are you so confident of Atiku?
Atiku is a man to beat and he is the only one that can give APC a run for its money. I was at the convention last November. Immediately Atiku stormed the venue, there was a standing ovation as if he was the only one everybody was waiting for. He entertains advice and criticisms. He has the political experience needed to oversee Nigeria’s diversified affairs. He is a business tycoon, and simply too rich to be involved in corruption. Atiku strongly believes in democratic processes as a public servant and in everything he does.
We all need his wealth of experience to revamp Nigeria’s ailing economy. The former vice president is also a philanthropist who is touching lives across Nigeria. He knows the exact people to work with that will work together to return Nigeria’s lost glory. I am supporting Atiku with everything even my life. It is only Atiku that APC is afraid of.
Why did you launch the Atiku House 2 House group?
The group is poised at reaching every household in Nigeria to sell them what they stand to benefit from Atiku when he becomes the president of Nigeria. It is Atiku but nobody. Between December and now, we have reached over 2, 000 people who have promised their votes for Atiku. Our target is to reach millions of eligible voters and l am convinced that Nigeria will be better for the new change.

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