Nigerian doctor in America is sued by his ex girlfriend who claims he slipped contraceptives into her drinks to stop her getting pregnant

John Nwankwo Ikechi a 37yr old Neuroradiologist from Manhattan has been accused by his ex girlfriend Hyosun Kim, 36, of slipping contraceptive pills into her drinks without her knowledge to prevent her from getting pregnant.

According to a $5million lawsuit filed in the Manhattan Supreme Court, Ikechi allegedly admitted to drugging Kim after she found an empty box of the Plan B contraceptive pill in his trashcan and confronted him about it.

According to a New York Post report, Ikechi ‘confessed that he was aware [Kim] would never have voluntarily agreed to take the Plan B pill and told her that this was the only way he could get her to ingest’ it.’

The couple were a month into their relationship when Kim found the discarded box of contraceptives last May. Court papers said she ‘was horrified that her boyfriend would deceive her in this way’, so she broke up with Ikechi and ‘sought medical treatment’ for the stress the relationship caused her.

Ikechi’s ‘conduct was so extreme and outrageous and exceeded the bounds of human decency’, the lawsuit claims.

As a doctor, he ‘knows that an individual cannot be forced to ingest medication without his or her consent’. The case is yet to be decided.

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