Nigeria is now a laughing stock in international community.- FFK

Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, said this in a post he shared on his Facebook page. The post reads;

Boko Haram back in full force and have hit Adamawa today.

Fulani herdsmen killing innocent people all over the country.

Security agencies killing with impunity and committing mass murder.

Economy in recession. Nigerians poorer than ever: suffering, hungry and badly divided.

Absentee ailing President who has been away and not seen by or spoken to his people for approx 90 days.

Calls for break up of the country from southern separatist groups.

Calls for mass murder and genocide of Igbo by northern youths if they dont leave north by Oct 1st.

Demonisation and persecution of opposition figures by Fed Govt..

Monumental fraud and corruption being perpetuated by Fed govt officials.

A National Assembly that is self-serving and weak.

A Judiciary that has been cowered and that is terrified of the executive.

A media that is a toothless bulldog, that has been intimidated and that has been brought to its knees.

Nigeria is now a laughing stock in int community.

Meanwhile lies, lies and lies being told by Minister of Information and Presidency officials.

This is BUHARI’s miserable legacy. They did all this damage to our country in just two years.

Can you imagine how much more they will do in the next two years that is left? May God deliver Nigeria.

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