Nigeria cannot be restructured, it should split- ECA

– The Eastern Consultative Assembly described the youths that issued quit notice to Igbos as childish

– The Igbo group said the treatment of Igbos was unfavorable and must stop

– It said if the country cannot be restructured, it should split

The Eastern Consultative Assembly (ECA) has reacted to the quit notice given to Igbos in the north by Arewa youths saying they cannot take it anymore. Vanguard reports that the group said Igbos preferred “death in the process of fighting for our honour and dignity rather than eternal slavery.”

The ECA in a communique described the northern youths who issued the statement as childish and said they were tired about the set-up of the country.

The group criticised the northern elders who although chided the youths but failed to address the main issue. The group said: “The seventh Assembly of the ECA held today in Enugu Today (Thursday June 8, 2017).

In attendance were, all the affiliate groups of the ECA coalition, including CAN, Youth groups, students associations, traditional rulers, traders organizations, women groups, town unions, N.G.O.s and professional bodies.

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“The ECA coalition carefully appraised the state of the nation and wishes to state as follows:

That the quite expected difficulty by certain sections of the country to recover from the shock of the successful May 30, sit at home, ordered by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and the paranoia exhibited by these oppressors and their agents, through a thoughtless quit order on Ndigbo in the north and pressure mounted by the national security community on our neighbours to issue press releases (usually for a fee) distancing themselves from our people, in a failed attempt to isolate us, is not lost on anybody.

“These childish actions are confirmation, that the total compliance of our people during the May 30 Sit at home, has sent jitters, down the spine of the oppressors, who have just learnt that, Nigeria’s artificial, unjust, unworkable and lopsided unitary structure, created solely by unelected soldiers of fortune, cannot survive much longer.

“These childish reactions by the oppressor and their agents (which include issuing press releases in the name of non-existent South East groups, reprimanding Kanu, reminiscent of RIPOB AND TRIPOB (fake IPOB splinter groups) era, cannot in any way resolve the issue of total loss of faith in Nigeria as presently constituted by more than half of the population.

“If anything, these desperate reactions, only confirm to all, that the oppressors have run out of ideas. The bully is usually the last to note that the traditional victims of his ruthless abuse have lost all fear of his domineering and abusive exploitation, and are all too ready for a showdown.

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“The bully’s humiliation, all through history, could have been avoided, if only he could read the mood correctly. We sympathize with the bully blinded by hubris, who cannot see that the time is up. Reconstructing Nigeria consensually to true federalism is inevitable, and the window for that opportunity is closing.

Those who have ears let them hear.

“A new constitution anchored on regional autonomy, is the only route open, to save Nigeria. It does not matter, that the oppressors, who have consistently shown the world, that, they are only good at mishandling self- determination agitations by always applying the wrong strategy, is at their usually folly again… “What truly matters, is that the oppressed have resolved to get justice and nothing else as 47 years of being a slave, for losing a war, is enough punishment, nothing will make this generation accept second class citizenship anymore.

“The oppressors can continue to beat around the bush, for as much as they like but they must come back to the truth that Nigeria must restructure or perish.

“The ECA commends the South East governors, Ohaneze Ndigbo leadership, our friends and lovers of truth from the middle belt, the South West, the Niger Delta and beyond, for standing by our people as we are asked to quit the North.

“Finally, ECA, assures the Northern leaders who reprimanded and disowned the quit notice givers, that everybody knows, that the emotions that inspired the quit order is so deep seated, and stagnation as a result of the faulty, unitary structure, are so fundamental, that the platitude from right thinking northern folks, who called for peace and calm without addressing the real truth, cannot and will not solve the problem.

“Calling for calm and unity without addressing the truth, is unhelpful and deceitful. What is the real truth? Ninety five percent of the oppressed, do not want to continue the 1970 experiment of master/servant relationship. Restructure Nigeria now or let us go. We simply do not wish to transfer our second class status to our progeny, Period.”

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