New iPhone 8 Details Will Anger Users

Exciting leaks and images about 2017’s new iPhones have users so excited Tim Cook claims they have caused iPhone sales to slow in anticipation. But the latest news from financial giants JPMorgan Chase will leave users feeling far from happy…
In a lengthy report obtained by 9to5Mac, the multinational giant claims Apple’s plans to introduce three new models: an iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and new flagship iPhone 8 will prove underwhelming.
In contrast to the widely published, eye popping iPhone 8 renders seen recently, JPMorgan claims Apple the new device will not have tiny 4mm bezels around the display. Instead the smartphone will be more like Samsung’s Galaxy S8 with an edge-to-edge panel horizontally and reduced, but clearly visible top and bottom bezels. It published the following diagrams to illustrate this:
In addition to this JPMorgan says the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus will retain the same basic design Apple has used since the iPhone 6, but marry its aluminium sides with glass backs like the iPhone 8.
This tweak is to enable the phones to support wireless charging, though talk of the switch to glass is a move which is controversial given it was a major structural vulnerability on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S before being dropped. The iPhone 8 will mesh stainless steel and glass to a slightly more premium finish.
JPMorgan also indicates that Apple’s well reported move to integrate Touch ID into the front panel remains in the balance. In fact in its summary table for the iPhone 8, it simply leaves a question mark over this feature:

How Touch ID will be integrated into the iPhone 8 remains a major – and literal – question.[/caption]
More positively JPMorgan reiterates that the iPhone 8 will use an L-shaped battery which will result in 30% larger capacity and rear dual camera, which is . Though it states all these upgrades will lead to a $75-80 manufacturing cost per unit (excluding construction), which ties in with expectations of a higher price – possibly .
And yet for users who are angry at what JPMorgan is presenting as a significantly less ambitious iPhone 8 than some had expected, there is a flaw in its reasoning which suggests any frustrations be directed at it instead: it concludes the iPhone 8 will come bundled with AirPods.
Quite frankly, I find this preposterous. Other than the dent this would add to Apple profits (and be a needless expense to anyone already owning quality earphones/headphones), is the fact it makes no logistical sense.
Ever since their release, Apple has suffered major supply issues with AirPods and even at the time of publication buyers are told to expect a six week shipping delay. So the thought Apple could fix this to the extent that AirPods will be supplied in the 60-80M iPhone 8 units Apple is predicted to sell in its first quarter is comical. So keep calm and keep the faith…

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