NBC, Multichoice taken to court over Big Brother Naija

Dr. Olusola Omoju, a medical doctor has filed a suit against popular ongoing reality show Big Brother Naija saying that the show is frustrating his efforts in bringing up his children in a moral way.

Dr. Olusola Omoju a concerned Nigerian has taken the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), and Multichoice taken to court over reality show Big Brother Naija

Dr Omoju alleges that Multichoice owners of DSTV introduced the Big Brother Naija channel without his consent and aired adverts for the reality show which he says promotes indecency, immorality and obscenity and for this reason, he is seeking an injunction that restrains broadcast of the reality show on DSTV and GoTV pending determination of the suit.

In the suit, he also said that as a result of Big Brother Naija’s inclusion in his bouquet, his family members and other dependents became avid watchers of the Big Brother Naija show and are now being influenced negatively through the continued broadcast of the show.

He agrees that Multichoice usually introduces a special code to enable subscribers choose whether they want access to show or not but adds that this practice was not continued this year.

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