1.During the last years of the 15th century, when the Turks were afflicting the christians  on the Isle of crete with bloody persecutions, a pious  merchant was obliged to abandon his native soil forever and seek safe asylum under the sides of Italy.

The vessel that conveyed him had scarcely reached the high seas, when it was lashed by a tempest, and ,in a few moments, the hurricane tore off its sails and the raging waves destroyed its rudder the crew, upon seeing their ship lost and made a playing by the waves, terrified and struck with fear, awaited the death that would give them the depths of the ocean for their tomb.

In the midst of that frightful scene, only the merchant of crete appeared to be serene. There was courage in his words and confidence glowed in his eyes. And as the fury increased, the pious traveler ran to the ship’s interior, found his luggage, and uttering sighs of hope, returned to the deck carrying in his hand the image of our lady of perpetual help.

“Look”, he exclaimed, addressing the afflicted crew; “Behold the star of the sea; behold the beacon of navigators. let us invoke Her in our afflictions. She will save us”.

Upon saying these words, the merchant lifted the precious image before the terrified crew members who grouped themselves on their knees around his feet.

“Petition arise from the earth and prodigies descend from Heaven”, a according to Augustine.

And sure enough; the travelers had hardly invoked  mary with that powerful cry of faith ,when the hurricane stopped the course of its winds and the great ocean calmed its waves. The sun shone in the skies and the ship, rocked by the gentle breeze, went on to drop its anchors on the beautiful shores of italy.

This was the first wonder the miraculous image of our lady of perpetual help manifested before the face of christianity.  She wanted to commence Her favors in a vanquished tempest, to reach us that, in all the torments of life, no matter how lost we feel ourselves to be, she will always be our life, our sweetness and our hope.

2.Among the many wonders that our lady of perpetual help performed on the Island of St maurice (Africa), the following  conversion is noteworthy. A young woman was rolling down the slopes of vice; in order to give free reign to her passions she had abandoned her paternal home. Be assured that it is impossible for a human creature  to have ever fallen into an abyss of corruption as deep as this unfortunate young Islander. Her desolate mother  bewailed in silence with bitter tears the perdition of her daughter , She had recourse of the virgin of perpetual help to obtain the conversion of the young woman. she began a novena. And on the second lo and behold, the young girl happened to pass by  the church, entered  it, and found herself in front of the image of the Blessed virgin. In spite of herself ,the image attracted the glances of the unhappy sinner. That was sufficient to overcome her; torrent of tears flowed from her eye her breast choked in sobs, and the dart of repentance opened the way to the point of wondering this most hardened heart. The loving and afflicted mother arrived at the church to continue her novena, and what was her surprise and joy on finding there her daughter!! Transported with joy ,she flew in search of the missionary priest and returned with great haste in his company to admire that magdalene, bathed in tears at the feet of mary of perpetual help ,to whom the wonder  of her conversion was due, This happened in the year 1871.

3.In Rome, two brothers, sons of good parents, on a certain day had a dispute, in which they became inflamed to such a degree that one of them took a stletto (a type of short  three  edged sword) to wound them other . A sister of the unfortunate youths who witnessed the scene, gave a cry of fear and exclaimed in a tone of unspeakable sorrow: “ My Mother of perpetual help; have mercy on us!” scarcely had the young man heard this invocation, and in spite of the fury that carried him away, he threw down the fratricidal weapon and with meekness of a lamb embraced his brother, saying to him calmly: “Let us make peace! I beg you!” The pious sister picked up the stiletto and took it to alter of our lady, as a trophy of the victory that powerful Queen had just won over one the most terrible passions of the human heart.

4.At the end of the year 1883, while the freethinker of the United states were celebrating their annual reunion in Rochester  and in their impious discourses were denying the existence of God and of his Work, behold suddenly a marvelous event occurred that occupied the American press; it is the following .

In the city of  boston,  the directress of collage had a horrible cancer in her breast that had broken out in three places. The most distinguished doctors of Boston had examined the disease and judged it incurable, unless  there was a happy outcome to surgical operation. The sick woman although with repugnance, had to consent to it; but first she began a novena to our lady of perpetual help. Eight days had passed without attaining the desired  result and the operation was to be performed on the following day.

Several distinguished professor from different university ,among them its head, were to cooperate in this painful undertaking. They put the sick woman to sleep with a soporific drink and placed her on the operating table. The head surgeon was somewhat distant, and the surgeon assigned to begin that risky task, asked him with which of the three wounds he was to start. ‘What the largest’, he was to answer; but behold, the surgeon could  not find any cancer.  Very courageously the head surgeon approached the sick woman, and imagine his surprise when neither could he find sign of the terrible disease; nevertheless ,he affirmed solemnly to the doctor who were present, that previous evening and that very same morning himself had seen three horrible cancers in the breast of the sick woman. He added that their disappearance was a mystery to him.

They released the sick the sick woman and awakened her, Not feeling any pain she asked why they had released her. They assured her that the operation was not necessary. Having convinced herself of that fact, she began give thanks to Our lady of perpetual help, declaring to the incredulous but stunned ,doctors, that this was the work of the good Mother , in whose honor a novena was coming to an end on what very day.


PRAYER: May the virgin of perpetual help be loved, praised, invoked and eternally blessed! May she be my hope, my love, my mother, my refuge and my life. AMEN!



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