Meet Dad Who Has Been Drinking His Urine Everyday For Six Years; Claims It Helps Him Lose Weight

Dave Murphy, a dad-of-two has claimed that drinking his own urine every day helped him lose weight and feel “healthier and fitter than ever”.

According to him, he has been gulping cups of his own urine for over six years and says he eats very little else. Murphy, 54, who is from Essex County, England, said his special “urine therapy” has helped him lose 112 pounds.

Dad drinking urine

Murphy spent 30 days in 2012 consuming his own urine – he told news outlet he used to drink the liquid body waste cold after letting it cool in the fridge but now downs it warm, twice daily.

“After drinking my urine, I feel healthier and fitter than I’ve ever done before and I’ve lost eight stone in weight.

“Most people think your wee is a waste product but it’s not. It’s actually cleaner than water.

“Wee is a snapshot of exactly what your body needs but happens to have too much of at that particular moment.”

says Murphy, a father of two adult children, a 25 year old daughter and 21 year old son.

Since drinking his first glass of pee, Murphy said he’s noticed a lot of improvements. .

Besides the weight loss, Murphy said he has a lot more energy and his bowel movements have improved. The man also claims he’s saved money on food costs because of all the urine he’s consumed.

He’s also used his own pee as a moisturizer and face wash. Murphy said pee is also an anti-aging agent.

“Urine is a cure-for-all. If people could just change their mentality and preconceptions about this therapy, then anyone can feel the huge benefits,” he said.


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