“Don’t talk to me like that, don’t even dare it, am not your mate. I have your mate as my second son. I can see you don’t have respect”. One of the NEPA people voiced out loud at me.
Bukola: rely where have you been?
Me: I had issues with the NEPA agency, so I had to resolve it before coming back, if not we will have our light been terminated.
Bukola: that’s OK. So where is the money, I have to go now, is getting dawn.
**************** Bblondon: you refused to pick up my calls, thats your own business and not mine. I will be waiting for you under oshodi bridge by 11:00am. Don’t keep me waiting.
Me: am in oshodi now
Bblondon: that’s my baby boo, climb the pedestrian bridge, you will see me at the other side.
Me: OK
Bblondon: can we go now. ******************
<<<<<<<< EPISODE 19 <<<<<<<<< Timi dakolo music was sounding from the background of the podium. I guessed some sort of party or wedding was going on. Yeah, you are right, said Bblondon.
Bblondon: (pointing her finger) that must be the bride at that edge.
Me:( stretching my eyes to spot the bride) this place really look weird. Why did you bring me here?
Bblondon: ( dressing the seats backward) sit down rely, why are you in a rush?
Me: I need to know, so I can take my leave.
Bblondon: OK if you say so.
Bblondon took me to one of the room in the hotel, upstairs to be precised. She opened the door of the room. In the room was a baby of about a year and some months old sleeping on the bed. I got scared when I saw three of my photographs next to the baby, that’s when I vividly understood that something was not alright.*** I hope is not another form of juju this time.*** I glanced at my pictures which was on the bed in shock before I decided to ask her how she got them.
Me: what is my photographs doing here? And how did you get them.
Bblondon: rely, you know better than anyone, whatever I need about you, I will get them.
Me: stop beating around the bush and answer me.
Bblondon: or what rely, beat me? Oooh no, I know you won’t do that.
I guessed the baby woke up because of the high tempo of our voice, ***what a cute baby***. Bblondon went on the bed to attend to the baby while I stood in front of them confused and hoping to get answer for my questions. Not less than 15 minutes after consuming some amount of custered, the baby dozed off again.
Me: ( had some relief) can we talk now.
Bblondon: yeah, but not in this room, to avoid waking the baby again.
We both moved down stairs to the hotel bar. The settings was quite astonishing. Some of the table was already occupied by people who I guessed to be among those who came for the ongoing wedding ceremony. I sat down while she went to place an order in the counter. Not less than 2 minutes, a bar attendant located our table with one 5alive and one chivita accompanied with two glass cup.
Me: Now can you tell me why you called me here
Bblondon: sure, rely!
Me: ( silent and curious to hear her out)
Bblondon: I don’t have any other person to talk to, that’s why I called for your attention. I know I have wronged you in many ways and thats because I loved you and still love you. Am having problems with my husband, right now, my house is no more conducive for me to live in.
Me: why are you not in good terms with your husband?
Bblondon: is a long story but I will summarize it.this started last two months. I was driving along festac town, First Gate to be precised when a young man was recklessly crossing the road without looking. I mistakenly hit him. Though I rushed him to nearby hospital. I cared for him, I visited him countless time in the hospital until he recovered. I paid all his hospital bills which my husband didn’t allow me to do so but I refused and went on to help. As time goes on, I found out that this guy and his family hardly find something to eat in a day. Probably garri with salt, which I witnessed the day I paid them a surprised visit. I was touched to help this young man but my husband didn’t subscribe to it. I Asked my husband to employ him as the gateman so he can be getting some money to support his family. But my husband started making issues from it, calling my some sort of names, that I love the boy, am moving out with the boy and all that.
Me: silent
Bblondon: Since helping others is not in my husband’s dictionary, I decided to do it my own way without his knowledge. I opened a mini supper store for the boy to be managing, he was really thankful and happy. It was early last month when the Guy’s mother called me on phone that police has locked his son’s shop. I rushed down to the place only to find my husband telling them to lock everywhere and arrest the boy.
Me: very bad of him
Bblondon ( faking a smile) not only that, he ordered the police men to go ahead and arrest me also.
Me: for what, is bad to help someone?
Bblondon: for him, am having affairs with the innocent boy. I slept in the police station for a week and three days before a friend came and bell me out. He has been calling me since last month but I refused to pick his call.
Me: ( emotional) I went closer to her and wipe her tears with my handkerchief.
Bblondon: thanks
Me: what about my pictures on the bed and the baby.
Bblondon: for the pictures, I took them the last time I visited you. I was showing it to our baby to know you.
Me: ( surprised and curious) what do you mean by our baby?
Bblondon: the baby is your son rely…

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