Man swallows Toothbrush, ends up in Hospital

Man swallows Toothbrush

A Kenyan man identified as David Charowass rushed to a General Hospital on emergency after he allegedly swallowed his toothbrush.

According to reports, Mr Charo was brushing his teeth when the toothbrush slid down into his throat.

The bizarre incident which took place on Sunday, April 1, has left many in shock as the man appeared in good condition, and could speak conveniently.

A series of X-rays carried out on the victim by the medics showed the toothbrush still inside him, as he awaited medical attention.

According of a relative who spoke to press men on Baraka FM;
“He is here at Makadara. He was brushing his teeth when the toothbrush slid from his hand and he swallowed it.They have done three X-ray tests on him already but he has not been attended to further,”

Though the toothbrush is yet to be removed, the hospital medics have him under observation in custody of the emergency unit.

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