Okoro Mark Ogbonnaya (Maazi Ogbonnaya)

  • A lot of people will ask, what gives this young man the authority, audacity to write this. You may think that the knowledge of this young man is bound only in Igbo. No and never. I am both a Linguist and Historian. I have studied the forms and structures of the languages of the world. I am a Language scientist. With this, I have all the audacity to state my facts regarding this matter on ground.
    This lies have been swimming around the corner; flying in the air. People keep sharing, sharing and the weak starts nodding in conformity. I saw them on social media but decided to be quiet. But it got me up when I saw those I highly regard, Igbo educated ones, professors and other intelligentsias spreading the zero-researched virus embedded in lies. Others saw it too and turn convinced immediately with no proper knowledge or investigation. Because of this, however, I have decided to talk. I have decided to write no matter whose ox is gored. I know certainly that many will come for my neck. May I tell you that a researcher, a writer has no bound. No friend in a research work. If this I am about to write affect you anyway, I have no apology. You are the one guilty and owe an apology for deceiving the poor masses and those uninformed.
    When I saw “Genesis” written as a Hebrew word, meaning.”ge na isi isi” in Igbo, I chuckled, grinned and laughed. When I saw people nodding in belief and conformity, I wept over their ignorance not to know that this is political and religious (Judaism) propaganda. Now, let us run down the etymological lane of the word “genesis” to ignite our discussion.
    In old English, “genesis” is the first book of the Pentateuch, which tells among other things of the creation of the world; from Latin genesis means “generation, nativity”, in Late Latin taken as the title of the first book of the Old Testament, from Greek “génesis” meaning “origin, creation, generation” from gignesthian “to be born” related to genos “race, birth, descent” (from PIE root gene– “give birth, beget”, with derivatives referring to procreation and familial and tribal groups)
    Greek translators used the word as the title of the Biblical book, rendering Hebrew “bereshith” literally meaning “in the beginning”, which was the first word of the text, taken as its title. Extended sense of origin, creation, first recorded in English c.1600.
    Have you seen that Genesis is not a Hebrew word? Have you seen that “bereshith” is a Hebraic derivation which Greek translators translated based on the Greek substitute “gignesthian” then came génesis, it got to old Latin and Late Latin, then recorded fully as “Genesis” in English in c. 1600? Then why did you impostors say “Genesis” is a Hebrew word meaning “ge na isi isi” in Igbo? What a mere fallacy of confusion!
    Now let’s bring this home. “Ge na isi isi” is meaningless. It is not Igbo. How do I mean? The verb root “ge” when attached the suffix “e” or not means “to listen”. E.g “gee ntị”. (Listen) While the verb root “je” when attached the prefix “e” means “to go”. “jee ahịa” (go to the market). “Ga” as well is a verb root when suffixed “a” means “to go”. The aforementioned verb roots are not even closer as what this people used to substitute Genesis in Igbo. In this regard, one has failed both home and abroad. The Igbo Bible used “Jenesis” not Genesis so that the sound would be uttered and retained. So your “ge na isi isi” is fake and unIgbo. Your genesis as a Hebrew word is fake an untrue. Next time you want to deceive people, watch your back. מְטוּרָף this is a Hebrew word for “madness” (mad). Please use your google Hebrew pronunciation, you will never smell a sound like “ara. בת ראשונה this is a Hebrew word for “First Daughter”. Please kindly use your google-Hebrew pronunciation aid, you will never hear anything like “Ada”. אלוהים יודע this is “God knows” in Hebrew. Use pronunciation aid, you will never hear “chemo or chima”. מְטַאטֵא this is Hebrew word for broom. Use pronunciation aid you will never hear “aziza”.
    This goes with others. Since when had Hebrew letters take the shape of English? Unless if being translated with substitution in other languages. I am shock and unabsorbed seeing Igbo people agreeing in such childish propaganda which is highly deep-rooted in religious exploitation lying fallow and seeking relevance to the heart of the Igbo people. The only way found to instigate Judaism in the heart of Igbo man is to tell him that “azịza” meaning broom in Igbo, is the same aziza in Hebrew. Chai.
    Please, as far as language is concern, the eyes of many have opened. Next, they will ask me, “Maazi did you study Hebrew?” I am a linguist. I don’t need to study to know. “Abba” is an Aramaic word meaning “father”, not Aba in Abịa State or Abba in Njikọka, Anambra State where Chimamanda Ngọzi Adichie hails from.
    For the propagandists, go ahead and do other things politically which I will remain neutral but anything concerning language, I will strike; anything concerning Igbo, I will strike. I will never keep mute even if you are my mother.
    I see no reason people cannot accept who they are, but running in the mercy of others. You have abandoned your language “Igbo”, but to Hebrew which I am sure you cannot fit in. The only thing you can do is, fabricating lies, corrupting Igbo words, in fixing it “r” or “h” and say it is Hebrew, and as such they share same similarities. You believe those here in Nigeria don’t know anything. Tell them anything they will believe and agree. Or this generation know nothing. You’ve missed the race.
    May I draw to your notice that Igbo and Hebrew share no linguistic forms and structures. Igbo is a tonal language, Hebrew is not. Consonant clusters make a word in Hebrew, there is no consonant cluster in Igbo. The symbol for writing Igbo is different from Hebrew’s. Igbo is a proto kwa Language Kordofanian while Hebrew belongs to the Canaanite group of languages. In turn, the Canaanite languages are a branch of the Northwest Semitic family of languages. According to Avraham ben-Yosef, Hebrew flourished as a spoken language in the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah during about 1200 to 586 BCE. In Isreal, Aramaic is still a version of Hebrew but somewhat dialectal. Now what else is the similarities in sound, in typography, location, patterns and forms of Hebrew and Igbo?
    I, Okoro Mark Ogbonnaya is saying before God and Man that the current widely speculated Igbo-Hebraic language similarities are mere deceitful and religious propaganda. When you are talking about some cultural coincidental similarities like circumcision, I will agree. Mind you, Igbos are not only groups in the wider world aside Jews, circumcising their children , 8 days after birth. Culture and well being of a people are similar in one way or the day.
    I am highly disappointed in many. Please do not believe everything you see. Impostors are advancing from bad to worse. I know they will come for my neck, I care not; the truth must be told. Below are false. If you have believed it, disbelieve it. Do not allow frustration of any kind to make you believe this shitty lie. Asị ọcha. I dey my house, come and evans me. Thinking my thinkings.o

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