Lifeless President: Obasanjo’s Coalition Backs Donald Trump


The Coalition for Nigeria Movement led by former President Olusegun Obasanjo says the recent statement purportedly made by the United States President Donald Trump is an evidence that Buhari’s visit in April was not successful.

The spokesman for the CNM, Mr Akin Osuntokun, said the coalition was not surprised by the comment as Trump had been known to make similar statements about others in the past.

Osuntokun stated that the comment had vindicated many Nigerians who had said that the meeting was not as fruitful as the President’s image makers had made it to look.

The CNM spokesman, therefore, described the comment as an insult to the Buhari administration, stressing that what Trump said was a reflection of the minds of those who believe Buhari shouldn’t return.

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He told Punch: “Buhari is to blame for Trump’s comment as he lacked respect for the rule of law and had failed to take the value of lives and property seriously.

“The impression given by that comment of referring to Buhari as lifeless means he never took President Buhari seriously. You don’t describe a potential partner in such a derogatory manner. So, it means the aspect of the visit which was reported by the Nigerian delegation was not accurate.

“Those who described the visit as a failure have now been vindicated. But this is a man who believes the constitution is inferior to his own concept of national security. This is at variance with democracy and western powers take exception to such statements.

“What Trump said is a reflection of the minds of those who believe Buhari shouldn’t return.”

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