launch of WhiteDecember Foundation International

On the 23rd of December last year, the Four-Point hotel by Sheraton at Victoria Island Lagos, played host to the launching of WhiteDecember Foundation.

The vision of the foundation is to get the less privileged children prepared for their future and the future of Nigeria at large, using education.
The reason for this according to the founder, Mr. Efe Obanor is due to the high cost of education in Nigeria.

 “We at WHITEDECEMBER Foundation want to empower the less privileged digitally by making technology work for education”.

Continuing Obanor said,

“We want to give them knowledge by setting up IT centres in orphanage homes across the country; teach them to read, write and become computer literate to improve their lives on their own and at their own pace.”

Obanor made reference to the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and how he had his first computer at the age of 11 saying that was an inspiration.

“I believe when the less privileged in our country have access to information and communication technology at an early stage in life, it will really impact their lives positively and enhance the overall productivity of the child and broaden their thinking and perceptions about life.”

    “Having access to the internet means they can have better reach. Through Google and YouTube they can read and watch tutorials and as computer literates, they can use ATMs, banking apps and other apps and devices that require technical knowledge.”

According to him, “Our leaders will be able to communicate with their constituents directly, and also it would help our democracy too because I believe the time will come when we will have electronic voting machines. So on the long run it will be of economical and political benefit to the Nation.”

Giving insight into future plans and projects of the foundation, Obanor said,

“We are about to start the construction of WHITEDECEMBER Scholars Academy. A purpose built primary and secondary school with modern facilities at Ajah, Lagos State, it will be exclusively free for the less privilege. The work has begun and we have fastened our seat-belts to go on this prosperous ride with these beautiful children.”

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