Landlord confiscates tenant’s pot of Chicken soup over unpaid rent in Cameroon

An aggrieved landlord over the weekend shocked one of his tenants by confiscating the pot of chicken soup his wife had been cooking over 6months rent. According to Cameroon-concord, the incident took place at Bassa neighborhood in Douala, Cameroon.
Efforts made by other tenants to convince the landlord to hand over back the pot of chicken soup was met with stiff resistance.
When asked why he took such extreme measure, the landlord bitterly said: “this man has money to prepare chicken but does not have money to pay for his rents, has not paid his rents for the past six months.
Each time I ask him to leave my house, he states me some articles of the Penal Code indicating that I might get into serious trouble with the forces of law and order if I kick him out within two months without notice.”
Other tenants who witnessed the drama say their landlord has been very lenient with their neighbor ever since he started refusing to pay his rents but it has never gotten to this stage.

Although, they admitted to the fact that the landlord is very troublesome when it comes to renting issues but they couldn’t understand why he has been quiet until the day took away the pot of chicken soup.

‘It is just today we are learning the tenant had been quoting sections of the Penal Code to scare the landlord away,’ one of the tenants said.

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