Iran’s incumbent President Hassan Rouhani wins 2017 presidential election

Iran’s incumbent President Hassan Rouhani has been declared the winner of the 2017 presidential election. The announcement was made by Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmanifazli on the state TV this morning.
He said that after counting all of the votes in Friday’s poll, Rouhani who first took office in 2013 was re-elected for his second term by winning 57 percent vote.
“Of some 41.2 million total votes cast, Rouhani got 23.5 … and won the election.
Ebrahim Raisi, Rouhani’s  rival, ‘got 15.8 million votes’, he added.
Before the result was announced Ebrahim Raisi, however, stated that he would accept the outcome of the election result.
‘I respect the outcome of the vote of the people and the result will be respected by me and all the people,” Mr. Raisi said after voting, according to  Fars news agency.

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